What We Do

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On August 6th, the Oakland Rise organization has officially joined the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League for the 2017 season. This is a monumental moment for Women’s Basketball in the Bay Area.
For the ownership of Oakland Rise this moment represents a passion for women in sports. We have always tried to contribute to the game of Women’s basketball and this is the first step major step for our city in that direction.

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Where We Do It

[sample content]…It’s safe to say that women’s basketball has come a long way since Dr. James Naismith invented the game in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891. Less than a hundred years later girls basketball players can dunk and play the game with a skill-set that rivals the men’s game. Just like the Men; there are 1000’s of women’s basketball scholarships available every year…

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Who Does It With Us

[sample content] The popularity of women’s basketball grew steadily around the world for decades. Oakland RISE represents the next step in the evolution of playing ball. If you still have game, and you still want to play, Oakland RISE is here for you…

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Oakland Rise Professional Women’s Basketball club was founded in 2016 in Oakland, Ca. The organization was created with a passion to advance women in sports and provide a resource for women who want to compete at a high level. Oakland has not had a consistent women’s pro organization in the area for young women in the game to look up to or identify with. Our goal is to build a strong organization to showcase the love we have for our city and community.

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